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The Next Big Aboriginal Law Case at the Supreme Court

February 22, 2014

By Bruce McIvor

The Keewatin appeal will be the next major Aboriginal law case heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. 

I've commented earlier on the issues raised and the importance of the case:

There are two appellants, Grassy Narrows First Nation who started it all, and my client, Wabauskang First Nation, who were added as a party at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

The appellants have now filed their written arguments:

Any First Nations or First Nation organizations interested in intervening are welcome to contact me to discuss the issues. Applications are due March 10th. The hearing is scheduled for May 15th.

Bruce McIvor is principal of First Peoples Law Corporation.

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Tina(6 years ago)
As history has been made created and in many cases heard , still living, holidays created about them, history books distributed through our educational system everyday, memorials for wars etc. All governmental and public stands to remember history. Laws and amendments stood on daily because of history, many people protected because of history and laws, the First Peoples/ nations created and document there laws, traditions, teachings and history like every other colour,nation, country, individual, creed , religion, and the First People have a voice and their laws and treaties live just as if not the same or more so today,

Bruce(6 years ago)
Thx for the comment, Tina. You've hit on one of the critical issues in the case--is the original intention in the treaty living and speaking, or has it been eclipsed by a preference for greater provincial control over land and resources?

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