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Aboriginal Law Report

January 22, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our update for the week ending January 22nd.

In the News

Manitoba's Premier sought to fire up his base over night hunting.

More and more Indigenous people are making the transition from working for their community to working for government--here's an example of the challenges and opportunities.

Arthur Manuel's legacy continued to be acknowledged. 

Canada's 150th anniversary is putting a spotlight on Indigenous issues.

As part of Canada's 150th, don't forget to watch Colonization Road on the CBC this coming Thursday.

Tidal energy development in Nova Scotia has raised important consultation issues.

Mercury poisoning in northwestern Ontario continued to draw national attention.

Here's more on British Columbia's approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Public hearing dates were announced for the panel considering changes to the National Energy Board.

Oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence is going ahead despite concerns about a lack of consultation.

Jane Fonda responded to critics of her recent trip to northern Alberta.

Too many consultation referrals to handle?--this story will speak to your experiences.

From the Courts

A Vancouver Island First Nation filed an Aboriginal title claim.

Written arguments are being filed in preparation for the Peel River Watershed appeal at the Supreme Court.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline is facing serious legal challenges from First Nations.

An injunction application against the Energy East pipeline is not going ahead.

Concerns continued to be raised about Canada's decision to seek a judicial review of a recent Specific Claims Tribunal decision.

Here's a comment on the recent Federal Court of Appeal decision in Courtoreille.

A British Columbia junior mining company lost in its bid to challenge the BC treaty process.

Quote of the Week

"We have seen many politicians and their promises come and go, and still our river is poisoned with mercury."

Chief Simon Fobister

Off the Bookshelf

"America, separated from Europe by a wide ocean, was inhabited by a distinct people, divided into separate nations, independent of each other and of the rest of the world, having institutions of their own, and governing themselves by their own laws."

Chief Justice Marshall, United States Supreme Court, Worcester, 1832

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