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January 29, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our update for the week ending January 29th.

In the News

A major oil spill occurred on a First Nation reserve in southern Saskatchewan.

A pipeline blockade in northern Alberta was ordered taken down.

The National Energy Board's new Energy East pipeline panel threw out all its predecessors decisions.

Northern Manitoba First Nations raised an important issue about roads and Treaty rights.

The Manitoba Premier's dog-whistle comments on night hunting continued to draw fire.

The federal government will get a few more months to amend the Indian Act's registration provisions.

Canada's 150th anniversary is a time to consider the country's oppression of Indigenous people.

Talking about Canada's anniversary, the reviews have been very good for the must-watch 'Colonization Road.'

My friend John Levi has put out a call-to-action for Canada Day.

Australia Day continues to embarrass many Australians.

While the Yukon committed to a government-to-government relationship with First Nations, a Northern Ontario mining company executive questioned remote First Nations' ability to discuss jurisdiction with the provincial government.

I often get asked to speak about Indigenous jurisdiction and land use planning: here's an example of a First Nation exercising its jurisdiction through land use planning.

With online staking raising concerns across the country, British Columbia's Minister of Energy of Mines got a taste of what Indigenous People are facing.

The lack of a treaty commissioner is highlighting the Saskatchewan government's disrespect for treaties.

Here's an interesting piece on Indigenous rights and private property in Hawaii.

One of Alberta's oldest land claims has been settled.

One of the most prestigious weekly's included an obituary for Arthur Manuel.

From the Courts

The Federal Court of Appeal released a Site C dam decision that will concern Treaty First Nations across the country.

The Manitoba Court of Appeal decided a flooding class action lawsuit should proceed.

Quote of the Week

"I question whether that discussion [about jurisdiction] should be going on at this particular table, with a very remote, isolated group of First Nations."

Noront Resources CEO Alan Coutts on the Ontario provincial government  discussions with First Nations regarding the Ring of Fire development.

Off the Bookshelf

"...we must teach the Indians what law is...."

Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, 1885

Free Workshop for First Nations

We're presenting another free workshop for First Nations in northern Ontario on February 7th. Check out the details.

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paul chartrand(3 years ago)
The CBC commentary about the Indian Act contains numerous errors. This is regrettable but not unexpected from our tax-funded public false news medium.

Bruce McIvor(3 years ago)
Thanks for the comment, Paul.

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