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Aboriginal Law Report

May 14, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our update for the week ending May 14th.

In the News

The Ontario government raised the spectre of a government strategy Indigenous people across the country have witnessed all too often: divide and conquer.

Here are some differing viewpoints, including mine, on the potential impact of the Daniels decision.

In British Columbia, a rancher 'gave back' land to a local First Nation.

The  federal government introduced legislation to impose an oil-tanker ban on the north coast of British Columbia.

Enbridge continued to feel the fall out of its botched engagement with Indigenous people.

This is an important backgrounder on how resource development divides many Indigenous people.

Here are some sharply contrasting assessments, including my own, of Ontario's first major comprehensive claim agreement-in-principle.

This a good summary of the current state of mining exploration and the duty to consult in Yukon.

The Inuit continue to work hard to recover from the impact of the anti-fur lobby.

Yukon has declared Aboriginal Day a statutory holiday.

Thousands of Indigenous people across Canada continue to wait for the Descheneaux amendments to the Indian Act registration provisions.

Here's a profile of one of Canada's great Indigenous leaders.

The fallout continued from Nova Scotia's 'conquered people' legal argument.

Finally, John Borrows won the 2017 Killam Prize.

Quote of the Week

"This is not the land that can be speculated, bought, sold, mortgaged, claimed by one state, surrendered or counter-claimed by another.”

George Manuel

Off the Bookshelf

Kaa-pakitenimitisoc awiya


Jerry Sawanas, Pocket Ojicree: A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions (2015)

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How can we contact Bruce, with regards to aboriginal issues?

Bruce McIvor(3 years ago)
I've emailed you, Helen.

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