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Aboriginal Law Report

July 23, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

I was at family camp last weekend (highly recommended) and so wasn't able to do my report. Here's a double issue covering the last two weeks.

In the News

The federal government released 10 principles on its relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Expectations are high in British Columbia that the NDP government will forge a new path with Indigenous people.

British Columbia's outgoing provincial government left a farewell gift for its mining friends.

A mining proposal in Yukon is in jeopardy due to inadequate consultation. 

The proposed Ajax mine in Kamloops suffered another setback.

Despite an accommodation deal being signed, the Sisson mine in New Brunswick continues to face opposition.

Here's a backgrounder on the Constitution Express.

The Cree of northern Quebec entered into a new self-government agreement.

Here's a backgrounder on territorial acknowledgements.

If you want to see an original copy of Treaty 8, visit Regina.

A Nova Scotia First Nation approved a land settlement.

Also in Nova Scotia, the 'conquered people' soap opera continues.

Oka was back in the news.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's recommendations continue to resonate.

How serious is the federal government on changing its relationship with Indigenous people?

Jurisdiction is at the forefront of Indigenous activism across the country.

Finally, this story is of special personal significance: my family lived next to Chief Peguis at St. Peter's.

From the Courts

The LNG industry and the National Energy Board suffered a setback.

The Ontario government lost a duty to consult case.

A Saskatchewan pipeline failure has spawned new litigation.

The oil and gas industry in northeastern British Columbia is facing another legal challenge.

Interprovincial treaty hunting rights remain unsettled. 

Custom adoptions can get complicated.

The Supreme Court will release a major duty to consult decision next week.

Off the Bookshelf

"...all sound arguments cause offence."

Stendhal, The Red and the Black (1830)

One Week Hiatus

I'll be in Atlin, B.C. next weekend for a family wedding and without internet access. My next report will be another double issue on July 30th.

Bruce McIvor, lawyer and historian, is principal of First Peoples Law Corporation.  Download Bruce's bio.

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Jeanette Todd(2 years ago)
Very interested in all legal information on Indigineous Peoples

Paul chartrand(2 years ago)
Bruce please make the case to call Selkirk's lease agreement for HBC with Anishinaabeg Chiefs including USA territory chiefs a 'Treaty'? Consider that Treaty 1 overlooked any effect of the 1817 deal and the latter was ratified by the government of Canada Consider also the absence of Cree reps the people who preceded the Ojibwe in the territory Miigwetch for your response Keh ta tumhin

Bruce(2 years ago)
Thanks for your comment, Jeanette. Interesting point, Paul.

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