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Aboriginal Law Report

September 17, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our update for the week ending September 17th.

In the News

UNDRIP turned 10 years old.

Pending amendments to the registration provisions of the Indian Act continued to focus attention on its history and effect.

Proposed federal legislation to protect Indigenous languages is drawing increased attention.

A review of the Site C dam in British Columbia is raising questions about the new provincial government's commitment to protect Aboriginal rights.

Facing the prospect of direct action, the British Columbia provincial government moved to support the protection of Indigenous ancestral remains.

Alberta backtracked on its crackdown on Metis fishing.

A Conservative Senator expressed the views of many Canadians.

British Columbia salmon stocks are under increased threat.

An academic called on Canadians to follow a New Zealand example to protect the environment.

Public de-colonization continues.

Reopening NAFTA has raised questions about Indigenous Peoples' rights and interests.

Here's a long but important piece on what 'nation-to-nation' might mean.

A pipeline through southern Saskatchewan might not yet be a done deal.

The effect of splitting INAC continued to be debated.

From the Courts

The issue of fishing and taxes is again before the courts.

The British Columbia Court of Appeal considered what the Tsilhqot'in decision means for the division of powers.

The Supreme Court denied leave to appeal in Blueberry River First Nations and Saulteau First Nation

Quote of the Week

“This see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, do-a-lot-of-evil strategy has worked very well for white Canadians for hundreds of years."

  • Senator Lynn Beyak as 'quoted' in the Beaverton

Off the Bookshelf

"If the law is applied without exception, what place is left for mercy?"

J.M. Coetzee, The Schooldays of Jesus (2016)

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Graham PorterHill(2 years ago)
Six Nations Territorial Lands and Peoples along with all Native Nations in North America are the Original and Only True Indigenous Native to North America and Citizens of Turtle Island That was ILLEGALLY and Assumed to be Named after a Corporate Entity, Canada Incorporated in 1867 Completely Without A Constitution along with many other Assumptions as to Jurisdiction, Sovereignty, Ownership, Human Rights Over True Native Peoples of Turtle Island then Assumed to use Europeans Common Law That upon examination came with Acts of Genocide built in from centuries of Biased Laws designed to keep everything in Control by Kings and Queens of Germans That again Assumed to change their names, even their nationalities and those of DNA of animals that equaled that of a Fish Worm.

Graham(2 years ago)
Please read commit above

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