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Aboriginal Law Report

September 24, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our update for the week ending September 24th.

In the News

Primer Minister's UN speech was praised and criticized.

Trudeau's speech at the UN reminded many of his government's hesitancy to implement UNDRIP.

The Treaty 7 anniversary highlighted outstanding obligations.

The Quebec government raised the spectre of Indigenous Peoples reclaiming their lands. 

Across Canada important work is being done to reinvigorate Indigenous laws.

The B.C. Utilities Commission released its preliminary report on the Site C Dam.

Another Enbridge pipeline in southern Ontario became the focus for direct action.

Canadian lawyers are grappling with reconciliation and decolonization.

In parts of Canada colonization is a scenic drive.

The splitting of INAC continues to be debated.

What next for the Indian Act?

Three Indigenous graduate students discussed their contributions to the work of decolonization.

In British Columbia, farm resistance continued.

Protection of Indigenous languages continued to be discussed.

The B.C. Treaty Commission is optimistic.

From the Courts

The New Brunswick government was criticized for trying to circumvent the Supreme Court's Marshall decision.

Here's the second British Columbia decision this month on this issue of naming private property owners in Aboriginal title litigation.

Quote of the Week

“On one hand we have the politicians decrying our sorry lot while their own colonial office continues to resist change."

Doug Cuthand

Off the Bookshelf

"Most of our troubles come from having standards."

Thomas Berger, Little Big Man (1964)

Bruce McIvor, lawyer and historian, is principal of First Peoples Law Corporation.  Download Bruce's bio.

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