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Aboriginal Law Report

November 26, 2017

By Bruce McIvor

Here's our report for the week ending November 26th.

In the News

In an important about-face, the federal government announced its support for legislation implementing UNDRIP.

Here's a good source of information about UNDRIP from an international perspective.

In the east and the west, the hydro-electric dam debate continued.

Here are two strikingly opposite assessments of the Supreme Court's Ktunaxa decision.

With the growing debate about Indigenous citizenship and the federal government's shift to a recognition-based approach to Aboriginal title and rights, legacy land claims negotiations raise many important questions.

The issue of unextinguished Aboriginal title is gaining greater prominence in the Maritimes.

This is a very well done piece on my client's Aboriginal title claim to one-third of New Brunswick.

The pipeline debate rages on.

Industry complained about government support for consultation.

The debate about Métis identity is heating up in the Maritimes.

One of Canada's leading Aboriginal law lawyers received a well-deserved award.

This story is a troubling example of the piece-meal infringement of Treaty rights.

Finally, the Law Society of B.C.'s Truth and Reconciliation symposium was attended by hundreds of lawyers (I was honoured to be invited to facilitate a session on systemic bias).

Calling Indigenous Photographers

We're working on our 3rd collection of Aboriginal law essays and need more photos of your beautiful territories.

Download a copy of our previous essay collections to get an idea of the type of photos we use and the quality of our publications.

If you're interested in having your work included in our book please send a link to your portfolio and your contact info to

We'll give appropriate credit and pay going rates to licence selected photos.

Quote of the Week

“Métis identity is not a soup kitchen. It’s not open for people to come whenever they feel some hunger for belonging.”

Chris Andersen, Dean of the University of Alberta Faculty of Native Studies, 

Off the Bookshelf

"A fool can go on being solemn / Revolving on his spinal column"

Theodore Roethke, "Prayer Before Study, "The Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke (1975)

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