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  • 20/05/27





    By Kate Gunn & Bruce McIvor

    Despite decades of strong Indigenous voices demanding that governments honour the Treaties, and numerous court decisions supporting their calls for action, governments across Canada continue to disrespect and ignore their Treaty obligations.

    In Fort McKay First Nation v Prosper Petroleum Ltd., the Alberta Court of Appeal has become the most recent Canadian court to highlight the disconnect between governments’ legal obligations to Treaty people and their shameful and continuing disregard for the Treaty relationship.

  • 20/05/24

    By Bruce McIvor

    This week's edition includes checkpoints, blockades, Treaty boundaries, consultation, Indigenous jurisdiction, and more.
  • 20/05/17

    By Bruce McIvor

    This week's edition includes court rulings, new legal challenges, election codes, data sovereignty, Aboriginal title, and more.
  • 20/05/13

    By Jesse Donovan 

    As provinces begin contemplating the reduction of physical distancing requirements, Indigenous communities remain on the edge of a precipice.
    Despite extraordinary measures, over one hundred and fifty cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed on First Nations reserves. Multiple outbreaks have been reported in federal prisons where Indigenous people are over-represented due to the chronic racism in the legal system.
  • 20/05/10

    By Bruce McIvor

    This week's edition includes Red Dress Day, COVID-19, title and rights, the duty to consult, climate change, a new reading list, and more.