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Aboriginal Law News & Analysis

  • 19/05/19

    By Bruce McIvor

    This week's edition includes Indian Day School hearings, the MMIWG Inquiry, the oil tanker ban, UNDRIP, mining reform, jury selection, genocide, fascism, and more.
  • 19/05/12

    By Bruce McIvor

    Happy Mother's Day! After a hiatus, the weekly Aboriginal Law Report is back! This week's update includes Indigenous child welfare, environmental assessments, trespass legislation, Aboriginal title, pipelines, racism and free speech, and much more.
  • 19/05/07

    By Kate Gunn

    Last week, the British Columbia Court of Appeal released its long-awaited decision in R. v. Desautel, 2019 BCCA 151. The Court of Appeal upheld the decisions of the lower courts that Richard Desautel, a citizen of the United States, has an Aboriginal right to hunt in the Arrow Lakes region of British Columbia which is protected by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.
  • 19/02/18
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    Our new book, Canadian Aboriginal Law in 2018: Essays and Case Summaries, is now available as a free download through our website.

  • 19/02/14

    By Bruce McIvor

    Our new book, Canadian Aboriginal Law in 2018: Essays and Case Summaries, is now available as a free download through our website.