First Peoples Law is dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.
  • Photo: Ray Bodden

  • The legal issues we deal with to protect our Treaty rights can become very stressful at times, but Bruce is always ready to laugh with us to relieve the tension. We really appreciate his hard work on our behalf.

    Chief Leslie Cameron, Wabauskang First Nation

Environmental Assessments

Like it or not, governments increasingly rely on environmental assessments to fulfill their constitutional obligations to consult and accommodate Aboriginal people.

We work with our clients from the very beginning of an environmental assessment to ensure that government and proponents respect our clients' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.

While environmental assessments are important in their own right, we always focus on the ultimate goal of ensuring that government's constitutional obligations to our clients are fulfilled.

Environmental Assessment Workshops

As part of our public education efforts, we offer workshops to First Nations on legal and strategic issues. The workshops are  designed to help First Nations maximize the benefit of their participation in an environmental assessment.

Our goal is to help First Nations increase their capacity to fully participate in an environmental assessment and to ensure that their rights and interests are respected.


Our team has years of hands-on experience with federal and provincial environmental assessments on a wide-range of projects including:

  • mines (both underground and open pit)
  • hydroelectric dams
  • electricity transmission lines
  • oil sands
  • pipelines
  • highways
  • landfills

We have represented our clients before numerous environmental review bodies and agencies, including:

  • British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office
  • British Columbia Utilities Commission
  • Ontario Energy Board
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
  • Federal Environmental Review Panels

Public Speaking & Publications

As part of our public education efforts, our writing addresses both historical and current issues underpinning environmental reviews across Canada.

Contact Us

If you would like assistance with an environmental assessment or to discuss organizing an environmental assessment workshop for your community, please contact us:

Phone: 604-685-4240