First Peoples Law is dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.
  • I have worked with Dr. McIvor on several duty to consult files and in IBA negotiations. He is both an effective leader and team member.

    Don Morrison MBA, Resource Development Advisor, Bimose Tribal Council Inc

  • Photo: David Pointing

Impact Benefit Agreements

When a client considers supporting a project planned for their territory, we work with them to maximize short and long-term benefits to the community.

Major developments, including mines, dams, pipelines and transmission lines have significant ongoing effects on Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.

We work with our clients to ensure that while the effects of a project are mitigated as much as possible, our clients also share in project benefits 

Every Impact Benefits Agreement (IBA) is unique. We listen to closely to understand our clients' current capacity as well as their short and long-term goals.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve an IBA that satisfies present-day needs, provides ongoing benefits for the life of the project and protects their Aboriginal title, rights and treaty rights.

IBA Workshops

As part of our public education efforts, we offer workshops to First Nations on legal and strategic issues relating to IBA negotiations.

Our objective is to increase First Nations' capacity to both negotiate and administer IBAs for the benefit of the entire community.


We have assisted our clients with negotiations for IBAs for many different types of projects, including:

  • mines
  • hydroelectric dams
  • electricity transmission lines
  • pipelines
  • highways
  • waterworks

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If you would like assistance with IBA negotiations or would like to arrange an IBA workshop for your community, please contact us:

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