First Peoples Law is dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.


    Oral histories must be "placed on an equal footing with the types of historical evidence that courts are familiar with.... "

    Delgamuukw, SCC 1997

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    In my opinion, Bruce’s academic and legal training places him at the forefront of the legal profession.

    Alan Grove, Legal Historian, Victoria, B.C.

Specific Claims

The majority of the past wrongs done by Canada to First Nations remain unsettled. Many of these are either eligible to be or have been filed under Canada's Specific Claims policy.

We work with our clients to:

  • develop the legal analysis for potential claims
  • negotiate claims accepted by Canada or a province
  • file claims with the Specific Claims Tribunal


With an extensive understanding of the facts and historical processes fundamental to specific claims, we offer our clients a unique combination of knowledge of both history and the law.

By consistently taking a strategic approach, we have assisted our clients successfully negotiate numerous specific claim settlement agreements.

When negotiations do not result in a satisfactory resolution for our clients, we assist our clients to advance their interests at the Specific Claims Tribunal.

Public Speaking & Publications

Through speaking engagements and publications, we work to explain the workings of the specific claims process to better position First Nations for success. We have also explored many of the historical issues underlying specific claims.

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If you would like assistance with developing the legal analysis for a potential specific claim, negotiating a specific claim, or have a claim you are considering filing at the Specific Claims Tribunal, please contact us:

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