First Peoples Law is dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.
  • Bruce advised on numerous files and his expertise in the subject matter of  water protection and issues of energy generation helped to better inform our strategic and legal engagement. Water is sacred and his efforts here were crucial to our communities.

    Pauline Terbasket , Executive Director of the Okanagan Nation Alliance

Water & Hydroelectricity

We have years of experience with the specific issues affecting Aboriginal peoples from the development of hydroelectric dams and transmission lines.

Aboriginal people across Canada have been forced to endure the serious and ongoing effects of hydroelectric development.

While most of the power generated is utilized in distant cities, it is the Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights of First Nations that are infringed.

We work with our clients to document the specific historical and ongoing effects of existing hydroelectric developments on their Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights and to understand the effects of new projects.

Through the development of a combined legal, political and public education strategy, we help our clients work towards recognition and redress for past wrongs and to mitigate and accommodate new developments.


We have worked with our clients to address past, ongoing and new impacts of numerous water and hydroelectric projects including:

  • new dams
  • existing dams
  • new high-voltage trasnmission lines
  • water licences


Bruce McIvor has extensively researched and studied the history and effects of hydroelectric developments as a graduate student and Fulbright Scholar.

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