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Hana Boye


Growing up in small northern communities gave me respect for Indigenous peoples, communities and traditions and an awareness that Indigenous peoples’ rights need to be better recognized and protected. Working internationally on human rights and with local and Indigenous communities led me back to Canada and to law school to better contribute to these processes. As an advocate, I use the law to empower my clients to achieve their priorities and objectives.

My focus is on serving my clients’ interests strategically, efficiently and effectively. My practice areas include Aboriginal title and rights, transboundary claims, Crown consultation and accommodation matters and environmental law and regulatory processes. I am involved in wide-ranging negotiations, including resource benefits agreements, impact benefits agreements, bilateral and trilateral agreements, including Self-Government Agreements. I provide support for all aspects of specific claims and specific claims settlements. I assist clients with the interpretation and application of the Indian Act, customary laws and processes, Land Code matters and legal drafting. I work with clients to expand their land base, such as through additions to reserve. Previously, I assisted Residential School Survivors with the Independent Assessment Process. I take pride in collaborating with clients to find creative and meaningful outcomes.

Outside of work, I learn from the natural world around us.

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