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Myriam Brulot
Lawyer (she/her)

Before deciding on a career in law, my commitment to social justice had led me to work and volunteer with disadvantaged families and incarcerated individuals in New York state. Studying law seemed like a natural evolution – a way to develop new skills to advance issues I already cared about. Working on a large litigated Indigenous claim at the start of my legal career awakened my interest in early BC history and my commitment to assisting Indigenous Peoples in the recognition of their rights. 

My focus on specific claims (with a particular interest in the pre- and early Confederation claims) has allowed me to support Indigenous Peoples in their efforts to obtain redress for longstanding claims while immersing myself in the history that I enjoy so much. I am as passionate about my work today as I was over 25 years ago, when I first began to practice law.  

Outside of work, I enjoy discovering new places and cultures with my children when time permits, and spending time in BC’s great outdoors (or with a good Netflix series!) when closer to home.

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