Jan 4-10, 2021

By Bruce McIvor and Cody O'Neil

Happy New Year. This week's edition includes harvesting rights, water rights, child welfare, land defence, the rule of law, new reading lists and more.



In case you missed it, check out our Indigenous Rights Year in Review covering Treaty rights, Aboriginal title, Supreme Court cases and more here


COVID-19 vaccinations continue to top headlines across the country



Harvesting rights, drinking water and Jordan's Principle returned to the national spotlight



The Gwich’in continue to defend their lands in the face of Arctic oil drilling



Child welfare and Indigenous law were front and centre in Treaty 3 



The Muskrat Falls project was back in Newfoundland and Labrador news




"I would like to see the government stop making promises they can’t keep.”

- Autumn Peltier, Anishinabek Nation Chief Water Commissioner



“And for those of us from communities with historic collective trauma, we must understand that each of us is already science fiction walking around on two legs. Our ancestors dreamed us up and then bent reality to create us.”

- Walidah Imarisha, Octavia’s Brood (2015)

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Bruce McIvor, lawyer and historian, is principal of First Peoples Law Corporation. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia’s Allard School of Law where he teaches the constitutional law of Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Bruce is a proud Métis from the Red River in Manitoba. He holds a Ph.D. in Aboriginal and environmental history and is a Fulbright Scholar. A member of the bar in British Columbia and Ontario, Bruce is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading practitioner of Aboriginal law in Canada.