Just released! Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada: Cases and Commentary 2024

By Kate Gunn and Cody O'Neil

First Peoples Law LLP is excited to announce the release of the 2024 edition of Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada.  

The book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of cases, legislation and other developments in the law, including Aboriginal title, Treaty rights and the duty to consult. We hope it serves as a useful resource in understanding, defending and advancing Indigenous rights.   

We are grateful to Indigenous communities across the country whose longstanding efforts to protect their lands, uphold their laws and defend their rights underlie the cases in the book.  

We remain committed to making Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada as relevant and accessible as possible. As always, we welcome feedback and ideas for future editions. 



Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada is a team effort.

We extend our thanks to our colleagues Nico McKay, Nisha Sikka and Tumia Knott, spaləĺ at First Peoples Law for their contributions to this year’s Commentary section, to Carlie Kane for her valuable assistance in researching and categorizing the cases, and to Geneva Lloyd for leading the team through the planning and publication process. 

We are fortunate to continue working with photographer Melody Charlie for this year’s cover image and are thankful for the use of her beautiful photograph, “Huyaała — I dance.” 

Cover Photo Credit: Melody Charlie, “Huyaała — I dance.”

First Peoples Law LLP is a law firm dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We work exclusively with Indigenous Peoples to defend their inherent and constitutionally protected title, rights and Treaty rights, uphold their Indigenous laws and governance and ensure economic prosperity for their current and future generations.

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Kate Gunn is partner at First Peoples Law LLP. Kate completed her Master of Law at the University of British Columbia. Kate is co-author of Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada: Case Commentary.

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Cody O'Neil is a lawyer at First Peoples Law LLP.

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