Values & Principles

First Peoples Law LLP is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. We exclusively work for Indigenous people.


Advocacy.  We seek to actively support and advance Indigenous Peoples’ efforts to ensure a better future for themselves and their children.


Integrity.  We act honestly and consistently to speak truth to power in the support of Indigenous people.


Commitment.  We are determined to use our professional time and energy to develop the law in support of Indigenous rights including through public education and mentorship.


Management Principles


We strive to foster an open and supportive work environment. Egotists are not welcomed. Every member of the team is entitled to respect.


Every team member is encouraged and supported to develop their particular skills and interests as part of their contribution to the work of the firm.


Our work commitments are important, but they do not supersede our responsibilities to our friends and families and to take care of our own personal health and wellbeing. As a firm, we are committed to supporting each other as compassionate and empathetic colleagues.


While clarity around decision-making and accountability is important, we aspire to non-hierarchical, consensus-based decision-making that includes all team members.