Oct 5-11, 2020

By Bruce McIvor and Cody O'Neil

This week's edition includes injunctions, Aboriginal title, the duty to consult, Treaty rights, Charter rights, land defence, jury diversity and more.



Check out this explainer on the Marshall decision and Mi'kmaq commercial fishing rights by my colleague Angela D'Elia Decembrini



Also on the east coast, an Aboriginal title claim is underway in Wolastoqey territory



Hydro development is at the centre of a new lawsuit in Innu territory



Calls for a moose hunting moratorium continue in Algonquin territory 



Six Nations solidarity demonstrations took place across the country



Missanabie Cree First Nation reached a settlement of its longstanding land claim



A marine conservation area is in the works in Mushkegowuk territory 



Indigenous child welfare and COVID-19 were front and centre in Manitoba



Moose, salmon and the duty to consult returned to BC headlines



Yellowknives Dene First Nation was defending its rights in the NWT



Lastly, jury diversity and peremptory challenges were in the national spotlight




First Peoples Law is honoured to have intervened on behalf of the Indigenous Bar Association in the Desautel hearing at the Supreme Court of Canada this week. View the archived webcast here.




The Ontario Court of Justice weighed in on Charter rights and intermittent sentences in Pikangikum First Nation



Here are two new decisions regarding sentencing principles and Gladue reports



The Federal Court quashed a Chief and Council decision regarding an election appeals tribunal 




“With the added context of reconciliation, this development must be seen as being yet another instance in an ongoing history of colonial land theft and genocide, that it is people from Six Nations who are facing the greater harm if this matter is decided against their interests.”

- Skyler Williams, 1492 Land Back Lane



“My story may be rooted in trauma but it is not my only story.”

- Elaine Alec, Calling My Spirit Back (2020)

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On October 21, I'll be presenting a webinar on "Environmental Justice, Racism and Northern Ontario" with Councillor Mary Laronde, Teme-Augama Anishinabai.
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Bruce McIvor, lawyer and historian, is principal of First Peoples Law Corporation. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia’s Allard School of Law where he teaches the constitutional law of Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Bruce is a proud Métis from the Red River in Manitoba. He holds a Ph.D. in Aboriginal and environmental history and is a Fulbright Scholar. A member of the bar in British Columbia and Ontario, Bruce is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading practitioner of Aboriginal law in Canada.