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Mi'kmaq Treaty Rights Reading List

With so much media coverage of Mi'kmaq Treaty rights following our client Sipekne’katik First Nation's launch of its lobster fishery in September 2020, we thought it would be useful to provide a list of resources for anyone wanting to learn more about this important topic and the ongoing situation in Mi'kma'ki.


In the following explainer, Angela D'Elia Decembrini clarifies common misconceptions about Mi’kmaq commercial fishing rights.



Here is an open letter signed by settler and Indigenous academics and legal professionals across Canada urging immediate action to recognize and uphold Sipekne’katik’s Treaty right to a moderate-livelihood fishery.


In the following post, Kate Gunn gives an update on current developments regarding Treaty rights in Mi’kma’ki and across the country.


Podcasts & Films

Here are some informative multimedia sources regarding Mi’kmaq Treaty rights.


First Peoples Law in the News

Angela D’Elia Decembrini spoke to students and faculty at the University of Toronto as part of its Indigenous Initiatives Office Speaker Series.


Kate Gunn was interviewed by the National Post.


Additional Resources

Check out these additional articles for further insight.