First Peoples Law is dedicated to defending and advancing Indigenous peoples' Aboriginal title, rights and Treaty rights.
  • Bruce's knowledge and perspective are absolutely essential to the successes of our community-based strategy team--and he’s willing to get out on the land too.

    Chief Erwin Redsky, Shoal Lake #40 First Nation

  • Photo credit: Ben Powless

Our Firm

We are lawyers committed to advocating for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada through the law and public education.

We are focused on defending and advancing Aboriginal title, Aboriginal rights and Treaty rights for Indigenous Peoples across Canada

We provide high quality, personalized legal services.

Our work centres on working with First Nations to ensure governments fulfill the duty to consult and accommodate. We provide legal advice to support a First Nation's exercise of its inherent self-government rights and jurisdiction as part of the duty to consult.

We provide legal and strategic support if a First Nation chooses to negotiate an impact benefits agreement.

Innovative Provision of Legal Services

We are committed to providing First Nations cost effective legal services by developing client-specific legal teams and utilizing modern technologies.

Flexible and Responsive Legal Teams

Drawing on a range of affiliated lawyers, First Peoples Law puts together a legal team experienced with a First Nation's specific issues. On our clients' instructions, we often work with lawyers close to a First Nation’s community to combine our years of experience in Aboriginal law with their knowledge of local issues and policies to provide First Nations with high quality, cost effective legal advice.

Range of Billing Options

We offer our clients a range of alternatives to traditional hourly billing rates to suit their specific needs and preferences. Depending on their specific matter, our clients choose from hourly, flat-fee or subscription billing options to best suit their requirements.

Cost Savings Through Modern Technology

We rely on modern technology to keep our clients' ancillary costs to a minimum. Our clients are never charged for long distance phone calls or faxes. We do everything practically possible to reduce photocopying charges for our clients by maintaining and encouraging electronic document transmittal and filing.