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Caitlin Stockwell


I was first drawn to the study of law as a tool for implementing just and sustainable environmental laws. However, this lens quickly raised the question: who gets to make decisions about how this land is used, and who are the stewards of this land?

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to ask and explore these questions while learning from leading Indigenous scholars and colleagues at the University of Victoria. I am privileged to work for and with Indigenous Peoples across Canada at First Peoples Law to advance Indigenous laws and governance and inherent and treaty rights.

My practice focuses on learning from and working with Indigenous Peoples to assist in the implementation of their own laws and internal governance processes; structuring Indigenous led environmental assessments; government-to-government negotiations; and the centering of Indigenous rights and interests in consultation and accommodation processes. I strive to bring a commitment to listening, learning and creativity to my practice.

I bring experience from the non-profit sector, including work for First Nation clients to develop wildlife management and Indigenous guardianship programs through the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre. I have also led a public report on colonial mining laws and its impacts on the environment and First Nations’ governance rights in BC. 

Outside of work, I enjoy swimming in the ocean (with the help of a wetsuit) and various other forms of movement in the great outdoors (running, hiking, cycling).  

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