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Ceilidh Stubbs


I spent my early childhood immersed in the lands and culture of northern Canada, where I developed a deep appreciation for the vibrant Indigenous communities of my surroundings. My connection to the north and desire to work alongside its people led me to pursue professional opportunities that support Indigenous communities.

Prior to attending law school, I had the honour of working with Indigenous communities as a program manager in resource management and as a consultant working in social-economic and community planning.

As a lawyer, I continue to work with and for Indigenous communities to provide legal advice and advocacy to support a wide variety of initiatives. I support clients in government-to-government negotiations, internal governance and law drafting, inherent and treaty rights advocacy, economic development, and advancing historic claims against Canada.

While I’m not working, I can be found enjoying the local mountains on skis and by bike, and painting the coastal landscapes in watercolour.

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