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Catherine Musekamp


Growing up in the Shuswap and Okanagan territories in the interior of British Columbia, many of my formative experiences included spending time in Indigenous communities and discussing ongoing Indigenous rights and political issues.  I first became interested in the field of Aboriginal law and providing legal services to First Nations when I was a young adult, as I began to understand how challenging existing legal structures and government policies could help to address many of the political and social issues faced by Indigenous communities in Canada today.

My practice focuses primarily in the areas of governance and self-governance, helping First Nations to exercise their jurisdictional rights by developing and enforcing laws and frameworks that reflect the unique needs and visions of their communities.  I am excited to work alongside my colleagues to assist our clients in achieving their desired goals and outcomes in these areas, as well as in other related fields such as trust planning, navigating land use consultation processes and negotiating accommodations/ benefits agreements.

Outside of the office, I enjoy weightlifting, cycling around the city, and spending as much time as possible exploring the great outdoors.

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