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Sylvie Canning
Project Manager


I grew up in Vancouver and have an academic background in anthropology, archaeology, and sustainable cultural heritage. My previous research interests have focused on cultural heritage destruction and the destabilization of communities with limited to no access to their history and heritage. Through this research I have harnessed a profound belief in cultural heritage as a fundamental human right. As a person of settler descent, I feel most connected with this place I call home when learning from Indigenous Peoples and their historic relationships with their lands.

Prior to joining the team at First Peoples Law, I dedicated my time to working for a US federally unrecognized tribe in California as part of the California Indian Terminated Tribes Project at the Penn Cultural Heritage Center. Through my experience working closely with the Tribal Council I gained an awareness of how significantly colonial law can restrict Indigenous communities and governments. This has helped shape my view that the law can be a powerful tool for social justice. As a project manager I work closely with clients and our team to support the ongoing pursuit of justice for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Outside of the office I enjoy cooking, dancing, travelling, and spending as much time as possible with my friends and family. 

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